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Google Needs an Infomercial

Google needs an infomercial – a half hour paid program. So does Kindle. And so do many new technology products made for consumer use.

Truth is, the value of most technology is hard to see and hard to understand. Infomercials reveal that value, showing consumers why the technology is meaningful. Even better, infomercials do this while reaching a mass consumer audience as well as the growing market of home based businesses.

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  • Posted: September 7, 2010 08:29

    David Coakley

    Having spent most of my career in the IT industry I agree with you that there are numerous IT products that would sell well with appropriate infomercials. I suspect it's just not on their marketing radar screens as most folks think of infomercials as a vehicle for selling cooking tools, workout equipment and the other usual suspects. Maybe you could do a seminar at the next Comdex in Vegas? Probably would pickup some good press and prospects. - David
    • Posted: September 8, 2010 10:08

      Doug Garnett

      I agree with the "on their screen" problem. It's also challenging because tech companies tend to want to choose from the latest advertising fads - often because they lack the experience to choose from more reliable mediums. (Or to impress their venture funding partners.) Last January I walked the Comdex and found people quite receptive to what I had to say. Will have my PR guy check on speaking opportunities. Thanks for the comments. ...Doug