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Six Degrees that Deliver Maximum Impact from Direct Response Television (DRTV)

Over the past year, I’ve written a series of articles in Response Magazine that look at ways to get more out of your DRTV campaigns – to deliver maximum impact.

These are the result of an adventure that started when I founded Atomic Direct in 1998. From my work at Tyee, I knew DRTV’s power to create tremendous positive change for clients. But, clients weren’t getting that power. And as a salesman & marketer I knew it was a matter of balance. Because too often our work was primarily A-grade production that masked C-grade communication.

Looking around, this problem was industry wide and clients faced two less-than-satisfactory choices:

Yell & sell campaign producers created shows that might drive immediate phone sales, but these same campaigns were deadly for brands. And, net out, these campaigns left tremendous retail opportunity untapped.

At the other extreme, brand DRTV producers (like Tyee) created very, very long :30 second spots – driven by clever creative ideas but never delivering the sales power that would transform client businesses.

As Atomic took risks and innovated with this medium, I started to gather lessons and look for a way to unify those lessons. The result? Atomic’s Six Degree’s.

Here are links to the three articles that lay down this foundation for achieving more with DRTV.

Part I: Execute for Direct Sales Without Hurting Other Channels (especially Retail).

Part II: Taking Maximum Advantage of Longer Ad Lengths and Inexpensive Media

Part III: Achieve More By Communicating Heart AND Mind – All While Building Brand


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