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My iPad – Post 9 – The Good Old Days of Mobility

In the dark ages before desktop computers (way back in the 70’s and 80’s) we were able to work lots of places with pens and pads of paper. At General Dynamics, I used to sit at outside picnic tables or in the lunchroom to sort out problems (and ponder whether the paper cups with the quality tagline “Nothing Short of Right is Right” were a subliminal political statement).

Then, the desktop computer arrived – a tremendous step forward. But we also became chained to the desktop. Laptops returned some limping mobility. But not enough.

So it’s one of those funny ironies that the iPad mobility isn’t new. It’s what we used to have. And mobility is why the iPad works for me. In fact, it’s only after living in iPad Flatland I find how limited laptop mobility really is.

…When in Portland, I live a very mobile work life. Being chained to my desk often kills off the creativity. Work happens in the coffee shop, at home – all around. And while I very rarely carried my laptop, I always carry my iPad.

…When travelling, I need to keep in touch and write as I go. It doesn’t get any better than an iPad when on the road.

All this, of course, is made possible because I WRITE a lot on my iPad. Yup. I write/type – whatever you want to call it. I regularly compose 4 to 10 paragraph emails, blog posts, and other written material with the onscreen keyboard. And in the keyboard dock or with a wireless keyboard, I can write 10,000 word reports.

Week by week I’m getting more proficient with the touchscreen keyboard. Rather than being a “throw away” like the iPad nay-sayers claim, it turns out to merely be something new you need to learn.

Of course, iPads aren’t for everyone – no product is for everyone. But as a businessman who thrives with mobility, it is a work changer.

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