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My iPad – Post 7 – Two Weeks in Flatland

It was 2 weeks ago this afternoon that we welcomed the FedEx guy to the office and relieved him of responsibility for my iPad 3G. In other words, 2 weeks since I took up residence in Flatland.

Given the importance of this anniversary, I sit at Starbucks celebrating with a soy strawberries and creme Frappucino struck by the difficulty of expressing what I think.

Last week, when people asked me if I was excited, I would leap with joy & enthusiasm.

This week, my response is much quieter. Not because I’m in the least disappointed. Much faster than I ever anticipated, I’ve moved beyond the mere novelty of possessing an iPad. It is here. It is now. It is reality. It is every workday and every trip. I no longer merely reside in Flatland. Today I’m a fully naturalized businessman citizen.

I’ve spent five laptop free days on the road. I’ve presented from it. I’ve shared our advertising work with people comfortably and more openly than I ever did with a laptop. I’ve written and edited work that’s the equivalent of a 4000 word article on it (half with physical keyboard, half without). The onscreen keyboard has doubled in utility as I’ve become used to it. Short cuts for selection and deletion have become second nature. I’ve authored long responses to important emails as needed whether at my desk or not.

In other words: I use it thoroughly. And that use will only grow. The next major steps are mostly about applications and accessories. The ability to edit MS/Word documents on Flatland. Some clearer structure for transferring files to and from the iPad. Buying a portfolio case with my iPad on the right and a very thin set of paper on the left. And the ability to print from it (although this is at the bottom of my list).

But my shift from superficial enthusiasm to deeper passion is critical. I bought Flatland to use it. And I do. Far more than I expected.

Once again Apple has promised well then over-delivered…for my needs.

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