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If Content is King, Where are Its Clothes?

In the new world of marketing 2.0, we’re being told “content is king”. Unfortunately, most advertiser created content fails to deliver significant value to the consumer or the advertiser.

We shouldn’t be surprised at this. Many companies seek content from their agencies. But advertising training has become a highly specialized field where students are marked down for writing more than a paragraph. Ad creatives generally don’t have the skill set to develop meaningful longer form content.

Other companies have sought fresh sources of content among magazine and fiction talent. These writers are highly skilled at following a story. But I’ve found that only a rare few can create motivating commercial content that the reader not only enjoys, but where the storyline persuades them to take action.

As a result, lacking effective ways to develop commercially valuable content, companies have given up and decided they can do no better than offer entertainment content.

So as you seek content for your very own Web 2.0, watch for the rarest of resources – creative teams that can generate persuasive long form content.

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