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Byron Sharp Suggests “Hot Blooded Emotions” Don’t Create Loyalty

I’m usually committed to writing all new content on my blog – even if I’m discussing statistics or research from another source. But a recent blog post by Byron Sharp (link here) says a lot – and I recommend that you check it out yourself.

Sharp looks at an area where the marketing world has lost control of its language. Namely: “Emotion” – a powerful idea bandied about with language that’s far too loosely defined.

As Sharp notes, we tend to forget that there’s a wide range of emotions in the world. Yet when the word is used, hot blooded emotions are those that most often come to mind. But his research finds that far subtler emotions are the ones at work in advertising – the ones that create the biggest business profit for clients.

So I’ll say no more. Read Byron Sharp’s post with this link.

And then go out and get his book. His sane, human understanding of advertising and consumers moves far beyond the flakey enthusiasm of most modern advertising commentators.

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